California teacher and student dating


If you are teaching when the credential expires, contact your employer about the possibility of acquiring an extension by appeal to cover your service until you can complete the requirements.

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Permanent In general, “permanent” employees are those who passed their two years of probation and are reelected to serve a third year.Probationary employees may be non-reelected for the next school year without a hearing for any or no lawful reason, at any time up to March 15 of their second year.After March 15 of her second year, a “Probe 2” cannot be terminated without a full evidentiary hearing, and she is deemed to be permanent on the first day of the following school year.If notified that the termination is for cause, they must be afforded the opportunity to have a full evidentiary hearing before a three-person panel that is independent of the school district or governing board.If a permanent employee is laid off because of a reduction in services, she has a 39-month preferential right to rehire.Welcome to Norwalk High School, home of the Lancers!

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