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What I’m saying is, if she is worth the ‘marinating period’ (when a man doesn’t rush a woman into having a one night stand, he exchanges numbers with her to enjoy the spoils at a later date).

He is the guy in any social arena that can either be very visible or he blends in but in a very calculative way.He takes no chances when he interacts with women; he has learnt how to read a woman’s body language.He will meet a woman and start to chat her up as he assess her interests by observing her face; yes he can tell within minutes if a woman is interested in him, it’s all in the eye contact and positive facial expression.This is how it works ‘talk to plenty of women you desire’ exchange numbers, keep flirting for a period of time (weeks, months) and the more women you connect with the better the odds of getting laid over the months to come, they are simply marinating like meat to be cooked later.Hence why some men ask their male friends “how do you keep getting laid so often”, well that’s how.When he approaches her to spark dialogue if the woman maintains eye contact, she is definitely interested, he will know this better than most men.

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