Black thug chat


Being an elderly woman, the victim really couldn’t defend herself and merely just tried to scurry away from the situation, but it had little effect.Sadly, the bully just followed her helpless target while tasering her as she was unable to escape fast enough.The fun never stops at Gay Thug Nation and it shouldn’t – chat until you find Mr. Age 19 From Kissimmee, Florida Online - 2 weeks ago Man Seeking Man I'm a fun loving, romantic and smart and I love giving my time and attention to that special someone, I just need to find the right person to share my life with.What happened next is graphic, and it was all caught on the thug’s camera.With the bully demanding an apology to her cousin for some reason, things take a serious turn even though the woman could clearly be heard saying “sorry.” Without giving her victim a real chance to respond, the thug then whips out a taser and begins to shock her victim in a physical attack that was seemingly unwarranted.

Rather than show mercy during the assault, the thug only continues to shock the vulnerable woman, again and again, prompting more pain to be inflicted.Join Free Now Gay Thug Nation isn’t just a regular dating site; it also serves as a gay thug chat city and has plenty of gay thug chat rooms to keep you busy until morning!Come and enjoy in gay thug erotic stories of other members, or start a private chat with others who simply love and adore gay thug life.Honestly, what is this world coming to when entitled jerks like this feel that they can assault whomever they wish and even record themselves doing it to share with their friends when they’re done completing their criminal acts?Sadly, this woman felt more than comfortable doing this to another person despite hearing her cries of pain and agony.You never know when you could pick the wrong victim to mess with.

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