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The statute of limitations was extended to age 28 or up to 10 years after the reasonable discovery of the violation, whichever is later. Each of the governing bodies for Olympic athletes such as USA Gymnastics and USA Swimming will work with the center to develop procedures for accepting complaints and reporting them to law enforcement.The legislation also requires the governing bodies for amateur athletes to put in place "reasonable procedures" to limit one-on-one interactions between minors and adults, except in emergencies. Feinstein met last year with some of the gymnasts alleging sexual abuse.The House followed up on the sex abuse scandal involving sports doctor Larry Nassar by passing legislation Monday that requires governing bodies for amateur athletics to promptly report abuse claims to law enforcement.

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According to Peter King of The MMQB, Kraft said he "absolutely" thinks Belichick will remain at the helm for 2018.Additionally, Wickersham reported that Belichick and Kraft had differing opinions regarding what to do with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.Belichick wanted to keep him, but due to reported pressure from Kraft—and the idea that Brady wanted assurances he would be New England's quarterback for the foreseeable future—he dealt Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a second-round draft pick.A candidate who is not already a public official would receive a loan that would have to be repaid if he or she was not then elected.This would be given only to candidates in primary elections and not to those awarded reserved spots on party lists.The sentencing sparked new calls from lawmakers to complete action on legislation that had already received widespread support in both chambers of Congress.

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