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The creamyness mostly draws on caramel (sweet shop) and fudge, but there is definitely something to do with vanilla cream and oldstyle vanilla ice-cream going on here. Also, lots and lots of fruits-y stuff going on here; citrus fruits, lemon peel, super overripe pears, overripe banana, red chewing gum, and so on.The peat is sort of there but definitely hiding way behind all the creamyness and the citrus fruits-y-ness.(I bought a sample of FV from a friend, and the sample of TD was provided to me by Edrington Sweden whilst working for them at last years Örebro Beer and Whisky festival, just days before its release).Here in Sweden the FV, which you can delve into here, will be launched the 1st of February (view the product by clicking here).

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The strength makes it become more and more dry and finally gives way to burnt wood and Ouzo (the greek spirit drink), that was unexpected!

Also, there is lots of viscous almond paste which really comes through in the strength.

Then comes a touch of sweet licorice, but most of all cocoa powder slightly stirred in full fat cream at room temperature.

Below the peat, in the distant, there is some almond (and perhaps even hazelnuts? There is an absolutely perfect balance between the ABV and the entire nose, wow!

It does not at all feel like 47,2% A tad of peaty salt together with full fat butter shows up for a wee bit, but then moving on into half-sugar-y barley (something very barley-ish going on here indeed), almost instantly it turns medium dry.

Lots and lots of brown sugar, over-sugared oatmeal porridge with warm milk, medium dark swedish baking syrup (molasses), dark milk chocolate, raisins completely drenched in sherried HP, a tad of violet, and for being a sherried HP also quite alot of vanilla in fact.

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