Avg froze while updating

Normal exit from recover screen and hit F8 numerous times and received small window that you get giving you the option to pick drive you want to boot from.

It also had a selection I don't remember exactly but it was something to the effect of more diagnosis.

I selected the SSD which is the boot drive and it booted up with a notice my system has been restored to 11/6.

20171116 UTC: Yesterday am I shut down computer and noticed msg. Ends up on screen "Start up normal" or "Try to repair".

After Normal failed numerous times I tried repair option that indicated it failed to repair.

To configure Deep Freeze to trigger AVG to update when maintenance mode starts follow the process below: Deep Freeze 7.5 or Higher 1.

Select Maintenance in the Event Type drop down dialog and click Add. Name the event “AVG Antivirus” in the Event Name field. Select the frequency for the updates to occur in the Day drop down and set the start and end time for the event.

This has the advantage of being one of the less difficult methods to configure but does require that the workstations have a period of time where they will not be used and can be configured to update automatically.

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