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Analysis US judges have shut down an appeal from a convicted pedophile who claimed the FBI hacking of his computer was an illegal and unreasonable search.

Gabriel Werdene, 53, of Bucks County, Philadelphia, is serving two years in a federal prison for rummaging through the Playpen dark-web filth souk for images and footage of child sexual abuse.

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Playpen was a hidden service on the anonymizing network Tor, and had up to a quarter of a million users sharing footage of underage sex.He duly filed a request to suppress the FBI's evidence against him, arguing the FBI's spyware was illegal, in a bid to overturn his conviction. Werdene, whose Playpen username was "thepervert," argued that the FBI broke the rules by getting a warrant to install the NIT.Usually, a search warrant requires the judge to know the location of the suspect before it can be issued, however, prosecutors persuaded a court to give the bureau blanket search rights.With those home addresses in hand, the Feds swooped, and arrested hundreds of people suspected of being Playpen degenerates.Werdene was among those cuffed, convicted, and in 2016 was thrown in the clink for 24 months by a Pennsylvania district court.That decision kills off Werdene's attempts to throw out the prosecution's evidence that he was a Playpen user.

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