Are you dating a car salesman try to be more accommodating


Sure, we come out of the whole deal with a shiny new vehicle (new to us, at least.) But the process of finding the right car can be frustrating.Consumers report that one of their top frustrations when buying a car is dealing with car salespeople.

If you hear that a vehicle costs ,999 (or twenty-nine, nine, nine, nine) it may sound like something you cannot afford.Sales is an art, a science, and some may even describe it as a game.The salesman’s object is to convince you that a product or service will improve your quality of life, make your daily life easier, save you time or money, or provide you with a set of benefits you cannot get elsewhere.They can also get you to spend more by stretching out the payments or padding the final price with extras and upgrades.“You should always ask for the all-inclusive cost of the car in order to price compare with what you find online,” Scott Chesrown, Chief Revenue Officer at Vroom, told The Cheat Sheet.By talking to experts and reviewing some publications on car selling tactics, we found out some of the tricks car salespeople use to convince us to spend impulsively.

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