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Being more specific, he identified the three main burger styles: There are the inch or so-thick patties that drip juice down your arm and give you that “rare beef buzz,” according to La Frieda, with “a beautiful sear on the exterior, and a bright red, yet warm center.” Next up are the “smash burgers,” sometimes called fast-food style burgers, thin patties cooked on a griddle that get an ample crust and are “stomach pleasers, fast and effective.” Finally, there’s what La Frieda calls the “aged steak in a burger experience,” masterpieces (usually served in steakhouses) that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status.We at The Daily Meal began ranking our country’s burgers back in 2013, when we detailed what we had found to be the 40 best, and three years ago, we took it up to a comprehensive 101.The city serves as a hub to all of eastern Idaho and much of western Wyoming.

New York has the most entrants, with 20, followed by California (12), Texas (11), and Florida, Georgia, and Oregon, with four each.

Others claim that "Hamburger Charlie" Nagreen actually invented the dish at Wisconsin’s Outagamie County Fair in 1885, and still others claim that the Menches brothers did it at an 1885 fair in Hamburg, New York.

Regardless of whoever first applied a ground meat patty to bread, today the burger is one of the most beloved, comforting foods in existence.

“Americans love burgers because we see them as something that our country has pioneered,” La Frieda added.

“They are inexpensive, they fill our bellies, and most importantly, they carry a link back to a memory of comfort and safety at some point in our lives.

Newport is one of the larger towns on the oregon coast with a population of nearly 10,000 people.

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