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The cat also had a tuft of fur about two inches across sticking up along the back near the tail (Sec 2.40 Attending Veterinarian and Adequate Veterinary Care (a) ).

I could not see the eyes of an orange Persian, in a group pen, because of its swollen eyelids.

Breeder pens were enclosures made of wire walls that reached the ceiling. The top surface of the baseboard along the wall to which the pens were attached, as well as the crevices under the metal beams at the bottom of every wire wall, had fur, feces, and cat litter crammed into them; it appeared Obermiller hadn’t cleaned her facility in weeks (3.1 Housing Facilities, General (c) ).

Health problems I saw a multitude of veterinary problems at the facility.

This 6500 square foot facility can accommodate large and small groups.

Our state of the art audio/visual capabilities are among a wide array of amenities, including a full pr The 300-acre campus of Doane University in Crete offers your group up-to-date facilities set within a beautifully landscaped environment.

The property has beautiful grounds with gardens Located in the heart of Kearney, our natural setting will provide beautiful views and the perfect backdrop for your event and our indoor facilities create a formal, yet relaxing atmosphere.

308-245-3276 Off season tours available by appointment.

Located along a series of sand lakes in central Nebraska, Timberlake has several options for your wedding ceremony and reception.

The fur around the eyes was covered in brown-stained wet fur, as were the cat’s cheeks (Sec 2.40 Attending Veterinarian and Adequate Veterinary Care (a) ).

A white Persian kitten in a whelping cage had a clear discharge from both eyes, with brown stains under the cat’s eyes; its right eye was shut, and the left eye was blinking often (Sec 2.40 Attending Veterinarian and Adequate Veterinary Care (a) ).

Projection equipment available for additional cost. ft 3The Single Barrel is Lincoln’s newest entertainment hotspot, and Nebraska football tailgate headquarter.

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