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I was 29 when I got married, and I did not expect to be happy in my marriage.Now, 11 years later, my wife and I are one of the happiest couples I know of.Suddenly, I started being annoyed that she didn't shave all the way up her thighs.It was a while before I saw Tom's wife, Lauren, after he disclosed his affair to me.Although I could have made other decisions, my decisions, too, are ordinary.I believed I wouldn't have a happy marriage because I didn't think I would have a happy life.This part of my story is just a variation of the cliché of a man proposing because he has been given an ultimatum.

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Part of it, however, is based on a more cynical motive: If we were to tell our wives, they would begin watching us more closely, and as most of us married men keep in mind the possibility that one day we too will have an affair, to tell our wives would be to diminish this chance.My wife looked at me over the rim of her eyeglasses.After a moment, she said, "I know you do.""How do you know?She was wearing a shawl, and this made her appear shrunken.She did not know that her husband was cheating, yet to me she looked like someone who was ill and suffering.Lauren has pale skin that she makes even whiter with makeup. Lauren, Tom, my wife, Christine, and I sat in a booth at a restaurant, and all through the meal Lauren was unpleasant.

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