I still wet the bed but I have been able to control it on and off.

Dr Phil Hammond looks at the frustrations of bed-wetting, with a little help from ‘Henry’, in his informative and entertaining guide on bed-wetting (click on video below).

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This weakness leads to almost all of the major vulnerabilities in applications, such as Interpreter Injection, locale/Unicode attacks, file system attacks and buffer overflows.

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I have realised that the sleeping position can help, usually I have incidents whilst laying on my back or my front, I try to fall asleep on my side with my outer leg over the other (like I am crossing my legs) and this has sometimes helped.To those who feel that they will never have a partner, husband or wife, I say never give up.I met my partner ten years ago; she supports me in every way and is not in the least bit concerned about my incontinence.Add a comment Please note we cannot answer your questions directly.Share your stories, tips and solutions here to help others tackle it, move on.The cloth diapers are soft and comfortable for her and work well.

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